College Tuition Benefits

Unique Offering for Today’s Workforce

As the percentage of the workforce currently facing student loan debt continues to rise, offering college tuition benefits provides a strong and attractive option for employers to add to their employee benefits program. My Benefit Advisor can assist you in implementing these benefits available through reimbursement program technology as well as tuition credits directly from carriers.

Student Loan Repayment Technology Tuition Credits

Student Loan Debt in America

Total Debt: $1.56 trillion

Total U.S. Borrowers With Debt: 44.7 million

Average Debt: $32,731

Average Monthly Payment Payment: $393

Student Loan Repayment Technology

Attract & Retain Top Talent
Help Employees Save On Principal & Interest
Customize Your Offering

One of the newest options available for employers is to directly contribute to an employee’s student loan debt. The CARES Act now includes employer-paid principal or interest to student loans as part of the tax-free employer contribution limit of $5,250 allowed for tuition assistance. MBA clients have access to innovative technology that automates the process, allowing you to support your workforce and create a strong benefit your employees will value.

Your contributions can be highly customizable through our technology, including options for:

  • Contribution Amounts
  • Contribution Frequency
  • Tenure Based
  • Waiting Period
  • Lifetime Cap
  • Matching
  • 529 Plans
  • Parent Plus Loans

Tuition Credits

Many carriers also have programs in place to help employees enroll themselves or family members in tuition credit programs. MBA can help you navigate and implement these programs along with your health insurance offering.

  • Earn Points Based on Premium Dollars
  • Redeem at Over 400+ Participating Colleges & Universities
  • Work Similar to a Scholarship, Reducing Overall Tuition Cost