We Can Help You Make Sense Of Medicare

The experts at My Benefit Advisor can help you find the Medicare plans and coverage that best fit your individual needs. Many people are overwhelmed by the confusing array of choices they face after becoming eligible for Medicare. Contact us directly and we can answer your questions or learn more by viewing our Medicare Basics brochure.

Medicare Basics Medicare Education

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or more years old, having certain qualifying disabilities, or have End Stage Renal Disease.

The Four Components of Medicare

Part A – Hospital Insurance

Covers inpatient hospital stays, skilled nursing facilities, hospice care and some home health care.

Part B – Medical Insurance

Covers certain doctor services, outpatient care, medical supplies, and preventive services.

Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans

A medical plan offered by a private company (contracted with Medicare) to offer you Part A and Part B benefits.

Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

Helps cover cost of prescription drugs, may lower your costs and protect against higher costs.

MBA Can Help You With

Understanding Medicare

We provide you with educational materials and a personal Medicare specialist.

Review Plan Options

MBA has access to an extensive list of insurance companies and their plans.

Simplifying Enrollment

MBA reduces the stress of the enrollment process by providing step-by step guidance.

Plan Review

If requested, we review your situation and identify if your coverage is the best option.

Medicare Education

My Benefit Advisor has developed in-depth presentations and a workbook to help you better understand Medicare.

Medicare 101

In this presentation you will learn how Medicare works and who is eligible to enroll as well as what is covered by Medicare Parts A, B, C and D.

Medicare 102

This presentation is designed to help you understand how to self-enroll in Medicare, potential penalties, how COBRA impacts enrollment, when you are automatically enrolled, and what to know if you have an HSA.

Medicare 103

Choosing a Medicare plan can be confusing, but this presentation will guide you in additional coverages, Medigap or Medicare Supplement Plans, how to select a Part D plan, and costs for all parts of Medicare.

Cost Comparison Workbook

This resource illustrates your actions when considering enrolling in Medicare or remaining on an employer group plan, including dropping current coverage or enrolling while still covered on a group health plan.